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Suppression Agents

Ignis Automatic Fire Suppression Systems design their products with unique cylinder heads which incorporate a pressure gauge, a valve for pressurising the system and allows a multiple of additional features if required such as pressure switches which activate audible or visual alarms or can be installed to deactivate the machine itself.                                                                                                                 Ignis fire detection tube attached to each system can be manufactured to any length the individual customer requires. It is designed to burst at either 80 or 110 degrees Celsius depending on the specific application. The specially designed Ignis fire detection tube is installed where the potential fire risk is, the tube ruptures when the heat increases. The contents of the system are then discharged from the burst hole in the tube which is the closest point to the fire therefore having maximum suppression effect.                           This activation happens extremely quickly and is targeted immediately at the heat source. 


Class A and Class B fires​

ABC Powder - Fire Suppressant Systems - Ignis Ltd


Class A, Class B & Class C fires

Chemical wet Agent

Class A, Class B & Class F fires​

ABC Powder - Fire Suppressant Systems - Ignis Ltd

Clean Agents

Class A, Class B & Class C fires​